Technical Writing and Technical Communication (B. Eng.)

What are technical writers?

Students studying for a Bachelor's in Technical Writing and Technical Communication learn to utilise tools – such as user-friendly instructions, interactive animation, utility videos, and online help systems – to create attractive descriptions of products. These information media are not only composed in a language that is concise, they are also comprehensibly structured and visually appealing. Graduates of the Bachelor's in Technical Writing and Technical Communication have excellent prospects for an exciting career. This diverse and comprehensive programme has been designed to illustrate both the technical side and the user side of the working environment.

Content of the programme

  • You will learn how to develop user-oriented technical communication methods to convey technical knowledge.
  • Not only will you acquire outstanding PC/Mac tool and media skills to create multimedia products, you will also learn to master desktop publishing tools, content management systems, photography, image processing, video production, animation, e-learning, and much more.
  • Additionally, you will build up a solid foundation of technical expertise in automobile technology, electronics in household appliances, and machine control while gaining an insight into the mechanics of software products from the ground up.
  • As a graduate of our Bachelor's in Technical Writing and Technical Communication programme, you are qualified to work in the field of information management in an interdisciplinary and international context.
  • Key topics including the usability of products and manuals and social media also form part of the curriculum in order to better prepare you for future tasks related to technical writing.

About the programme

The Bachelor's in Technical Writing and Technical Communication is a full time degree programme lasting for seven semesters: six semesters of theoretical work including a bachelor's dissertation, plus a practical semester.

You can enrol in either the winter or summer semester.

Classes include lectures and practical projects. It is possible to study for a semester abroad as part of the programme.

Upon graduation, you will receive the degree of Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)


Numerus clausus applies. You must also have completed a four-week internship in a technical field prior to enrolment. (link: internship)

Employment opportunities for graduates

Technical writers enjoy a wide range of employment opportunities ranging from positions in large or mid-sized companies to self-employment. You can work in editorial teams, training centres or on the editorial staff of specialised publications. Other possibilities are positions in technical or scientific communication fields in the public sector.

The career outlook for technical writers is very promising.

Contact Information

Prof. Dr. Martin Ley
Room: T 2.008

Tel.: 089 1265-4323
Fax: 089 1265-4281

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